December 21, 2004

Frank Raines is near the western edge of Stanislaus county which happens to be a stones throw from the "San Francisco Bay Area". The park itself is very near where Alameda, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, and Stanislaus counties all meet. To get there, go East on I-580 then south on I-5 about 15 mi. and turn west on Del Puerto Canyon Rd. (near the town of Patterson). Then travel 17 mi. west of I-5 to Frank Raines OHV Park, which is just beyond the Frank Raines Campground. For a more scenic approach, you can enter from the west via State Highway 130 over Mt. Hamilton or from the main drag (First St.) in Livermore onto S. Livermore Rd. heading east, to Tesla Rd. to Del Valle Rd. to Mines Rd. In either case, you'll reach "The Junction", where 130 and Mines Rd. meet. Then it is 7 miles east on Del Puerto Canyon Rd. to the park. San Jose to the park is 46 miles (~1.5 hours), Livermore is 38 miles (~1 hour). If heading over Mt. Hamilton, be sure to check the CalTrans Highway Information page for the latest status, as that road closes in the event of snow on the 4200 foot summit. Recent storms have damaged Del Puerto Canyon and Mines Road. Del Puerto Canyon road is closed for repairs M-F 7:30-5:00. Getting to the park is now as much fun as the rough terrain area itself.

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